Friday, June 5, 2009

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My bedroom:)

This is my window, you can see the street. In front of my house there are some little houses around the sport centre of the town.

This is a panoramic view of the street. At the back you can see the football and backetball zones which are full of guys everyday.

The window's position respect to the house orientationis perfect. In the summer, the bedroomroom is hotter than other rooms at home, but at night a smooth cool air runs in and out from my sister's bedroom, in the opposite zone of my bedroom.
In the winter, I have sun the most of the day, so I´m never cool. That is why I think that my berdroom is perfect

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a view from my window

From my window I can see the street. On the other side of the street you can see my school (the building with the red roof). There're some buildings too. Far away, I can see the countryside. There are a lot of trees and further away there's another town called Bellavista. Behind my school there're some more buildings, they have got restaurants and shops.
On the left (you can't see it in this picture), there's a tennis court, a bakery, a fruit shop and also many more buildings.
There is a mixture of brick and nature where I live, as you can see.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A view from Heivo's window

This the view from my room, If i look out from my window, I can see some block of flats and also a hill and some trees, also there you can see a field and a forest! That's the view from my window PS. I don't like it much! :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

View from Mariliis's window

I can see from my window trees, a river, a field and a road. I can see a house far away.I can see fishermen, cars.I like that what I see,because it's really lovely.I like spring most if I look out from my window.The trees are green, ducks and swans are coming on the river.I like everything what I see.There is nothing what I don't like.I don't want to change anything.

A view from Kalju's window.

From my window I can see trees, a house, some cars and nothing much else. I like the wiew beacuse I can see nature but also some buildings and roads.


I can see a house from my window.That's my neighbour's house and my neighbours are Rein and his wife. I can also see many trees. Every day my second neighbour Marina walks with her children Andra and Gerda.They have a twin baby carriage. I can see my street too.There is a place for bonfires next to my house. I like my view very much and I like the people who can I see every day.

From the other window I can see apple trees,cherry bushes and my neighbour's house.We have a very friendly street and I like living here.In the evenings I have a very beautiful view.:)